Class Information
Retirement Planning 101: How to Achieve Your Financial Goals
Wednesday, November 15 at 1:30 PM - 2:30 PM
Lewes Public Library
111 Adams Ave.
Lewes, DE 19958

During the workshop, attendees will learn:

The importance of starting to plan for retirement early
How to calculate how much money you will need to save for retirement
The different types of retirement accounts available and how to choose the right one for you
How to create a budget and stick to it
Strategies for reducing debt and increasing savings
How to create a diversified investment portfolio
How to estimate and plan for healthcare costs in retirement
The importance of creating a plan for your estate and beneficiaries
How to review and adjust your plan as needed to stay on track.

This workshop is open to anyone interested in learning more about retirement planning, regardless of their current age or stage in life.
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