Make Your Move and Join Money Clubs

What else is more empowering than a group of great friends, family members or coworkers, a supportive, judgment-free environment, and the tools to take charge of your financial future?

DFLI, through partnership with the Women's Institute for Financial Education (, is proud to offer Money Clubs, your greatest resource towards financial success. All you need to be successful is DFLI, a group of supportive friends or family members, and belief in your power to prosper.

Joining a Money Club is a fun and FREE way to take charge of your money. Meet regularly to discuss your financial hot topics and get encouragement from fellow members as you work to reach your financial goals in a relaxed and friendly environment.

Want to Start Your Own?

While most Clubs are open to new members, like these, some choose to limit membership to family and friends.

To start your own Club, you only need three things:
1. Three or more friends, co-workers, family members, etc.
2. A commitment to meet at least once a month.
3. To register with and DFLI.

To Get Started: Contact Money Clubs Program Director Keyanna Mozie at 302.792.1200 or email Keyanna.

Be sure to check the Money School class schedule for open "All About the Money Clubs" meetings and visit to get information and tips on over 30 topics including budgeting, saving, investing, holiday shopping and much more.

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