Tenant Businesses

A. Scott-Enterprises, Center Director

Audrey Scott-Hynson is the owner of A. Scott-Enterprises, a consulting business established in October of 2006. The company offers professional services to individuals and businesses desiring to participate in job creation through entrepreneurship.
Audrey has dedicated more than 14 years of service helping hundreds of individuals fulfill their passion to be able to start their "dream" business. Her services have been successfully performed through Delaware State University's Delaware Center for Enterprise Development (DCED), the City of Wilmington's Economic Development Office,and community centers.Audrey has received many awards among them is her recent SBA 2016 Small Business Champion Award.

Email: ascotthynson@yahoo.com or dfli/cbg.org

Summer J.

Summer J.is the daughter and symbol of love of husband and wife Queon (J.) and Alicia (J.). Who are passionate about food and passionate about healthy living. After many years of working in education Queon (J.) set out to create a place of his own where fresh, natural and beautiful ice pops were made and shared with a sensitive and appreciative community of fellow dessert enthusiasts.Summer J. makes artisan gourmet ice pops in seasonal flavors for people to fall madly in love with. Each ice pop is made with love using only natural ingredients and the freshest, sweetest seasonal fruit and produce we can get our hands on locally.Perfect for those looking to enjoy dessert that is healthy with both robust and superior flavor. In a fast paced world we are the place to stop for treats that are created lovingly and passionately by hand, not machines: the original meaning of artisan.


Tee's Landscaping Services,LLC

Timothy Rayfield is the owner and manager of Tee's Landscaping Services, LLC. Tee keeps Delaware neighborhoods beautiful one lawn at a time by providing a wide range of lawn services including tree trimming and removal, edge trimming and leaf and snow removal.
Tee has over 9 years of experience in the industry and has been recognized by the City of Wilmington for his many business accomplishments.

Email: teerayfield@gmail.com

Latasha Wisher

Latasha is the owner of Nisey's Safe Haven. The company will provide housing and empowerment programs for women who are transitioning from shelters. Latasha has moved parents from homelessness to sustainable employment and higher education. She is seeking to maximize her business skills at CBG so that she can strategically grow her business to include several housing facilities throughout Delaware.Latasha comes to CBG with six years in the Human Services industry and as a certified Crisis Interventionist.The DFLI/CBG staff embraces her passion to reconnect families.

Email: niseysafehaven@hotmail.com
Rashmi Rangan | 302-824-5219 | 600 South Harrison Street | Wilmington, DE 19805 | Rrangan@dcrac.org